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Introducing The Viral Ecom Funnel ‘Done For You’ Experience and Ecommerce App!

Let’s be honest. A lot of times you purchase these items with great intentions, but for one reason or another you let it sit on the shelf collecting cyber dust.

At least 85% of people do.

And I’m not blaming you or pointing fingers. I get it. I totally do. As entrepreneurs, we get so many ideas that it gets hard to complete some things sometimes.

Not to mention life gets in the way and a project you wanted to get to winds up getting put on the backburner for months or even years.

That’s why getting access to this upgrade is great for you. You won’t have to fuss with any of the setup or any other things that it takes to get going. Me and my team will handle all of that for you. Just add your payment details and you’re good to go!

“What’s All Included With This Special ‘Done For You’ Upgrade and Do I Really Need It?”

Just to be clear, your purchase of the Viral Ecom funnels will work on its own without this upgrade. You’ll still get the copy, design and ads for all 30 of the funnels.

Only thing is, while this is all included with your purchase, you have to connect everything yourself. So once you’re in the member’s area, you’ll need to take the steps necessary to export to your favorite page builder.

But with this option, you can get the entire package all done for you in a Wordpress setup. Just download it, upload it to your server quickly, add your payment info and you’re done!

With this upgrade today, it’s like getting V.I.P treatment on the red carpet. Everything will be done for you and you can get going faster!

With this upsell you get everything done for you while you sit back and relax such as:

  • Done for you website setup plus free hosting for 2 years
  • ​Uploading of all the funnel pages to the website- my team will get this done for you immediately
  • All products will be created for you in the product manager (ecommerce app) and linked to each sales page and upsell pages - Yep. This is done for you too!
  • ​Beautiful blog designed and setup - We’ll do this for you too
  • ​Uploading all the 30 viral stories to the blog asap - This is done for you!
  • Link each story/ article to the corresponding funnel sales page so when users read the story and click through, they will be redirected to the corresponding sales page. - Nothing for you to do here. We’ll get this done for you as well!

This, my friend is a full fledged Complete Viral Ecom System! There’s truly nothing for you to fuss around with. Everything Is Done for You When You Get Started Today.

All you have to do is integrate your payment option and start selling. That’s it!
(The ecom app works with Stripe and PayPal.
Accept credit cards, Direct Bank Transfer, checks or Cash on Delivery so you can make sure you get paid in a number of ways !)

But That’s Not All You’ll Get. Check Out The Amazing Ecommerce
App Included!

Besides getting access to all the done for you items for your site, we’ll make sure to get you access to our exclusive ecommerce app as well!

Here Are The Detailed Features of The Ecommerce App:

Physical products, digital products, or both? No problem!

Sell physical products that will ship to a customer, digital products they can download or any combination of the two

Cash In On Affiliate products too!

Show products available on other sites with your very own personal affiliate link for customers to purchase them while you make big commissions.

Unlimited variations for various products are a breeze!

Offer any number of variations (like color, size, fabric and so on) for a product with the option to set prices, stock and images for each variation.

Built-in payment processing made easy.

Take payments via Stripe and PayPal. Accept credit cards, Direct Bank Transfer, checks or Cash on Delivery.

Flexible Shipping options included!

Give customers the option of pickup, local delivery or shipping. Restrict options available based on customer location.

Never get stuck losing your profits on Shipping rates...

The ecommerce app allows you to easily set a flat rate or define specific rates for different products. Specifically extra charges for heavy products. Calculate and show the right rates to customers at checkout for a smooth transaction that keeps your profits in your pocket.

Want to offer Free shipping? No problem!

Offer free shipping for certain products or certain locations - the choice is yours.

Geo-location support:

Auto-detect your customer's address to make shipping and tax calculations simpler.

Automatic Sales Tax options generated for you…

Show taxes based on your customer's shipping address, billing address or your store’s base address. Automatically calculate major country and state tax rates.

Customer registration or guest checkout options available...

Allow customers to register and choose to automatically generate usernames and passwords, or not. Display a returning customer login reminder. Enable guest checkout for those who don’t want to register.

Inventory management made simple…

Track stock levels, hold stock after an order is cancelled, get notifications for low and out-of-stock items, hide out-of-stock items, and more.

Powerful Order management simplified...

Add customer notes, edit stock manually, mark the items you shipped, and manage the fulfillment process.

Want to offer Coupons to boost sales? No sweat!

Give customers coupons for a fixed amount, a percentage off or special offers like free shipping. Offer coupons for their whole cart or certain products.

Easy To Understand Reporting At Your Fingertips

View sales, refunds and coupons over time. See your top products and categories.

Product ratings and reviews options for social proof and sales boosting...

Show customer feedback directly on the product page, including a ‘Verified Owner’ label. This way your future customers are more inclined to buy based off the testimonials of other users!

Location customization settings in a snap!

Set the currency, language and measurement units (inches, centimeters or anything else) that’s right for you.

Get The Lion’s Share of Profits Before The Competition!

While others will be fiddling to get just one of their funnels setup, you’ll have the advantage because you’ll have everything ready to start making profits from the jump!

This my friend, will give you a huge advantage as you’ll be able to get to market first and start making sales from the amazingly profitable ecom industry faster than ever.

Even if you only got 30% more revenue than the competition, that can compound to hundreds of thousands or even millions in a very short time.

This reason alone is enough for you to upgrade to this very special offer today.

You’d Have To Spend $5k Just For The Ecommerce App Alone!

To develop an app like the one you’ll receive access to today can set you back $5,000 just in development costs alone. Not to mention ongoing maintenance costs as well.

Then you would have to wait months or even a year to have a fully functional app that you could use in your brand new ecom business.

Even with that being said, it would still be worth it seeing how you can profit in so many ways from the app alone.

Not to mention all the other features the app gives you as well.

But even if you could afford to lay down $5,000 to build your own type of app like the one that comes with this upgrade, why the heck would you want to?

Especially when you can plug into ours with only a fraction of the investment that it would normally take?

Not to mention, there’s no ongoing costs or headaches of dealing with maintenance. Me and my team will handle all of that for you.

All you’ll need to do is focus on what truly matters. Building your business.

Money Loves Speed. That’s Why You Need This Upgrade!

You know the only difference between the super successful people online and those who fail?

The former took action immediately on their ideas.

That’s it. They aren’t any better or any different than you. They simply didn’t wait for everything to line up perfectly. They just acted fast and because they did, things started working for them.

It’s why money is attracted to them. Because they are decisive and make decisions that propel them forward.

And now you can put those same forces to work for you with this upgrade. By getting access today, you’ll save yourself a ton of time and be ready to start profiting IMMEDIATELY.

So if you’re ready for the big bucks to start flowing, make the smart decision now and get access while the price is still low.

Limited Time Special Offer

Normal Price: $564/Year
Today Only: $67 One Time Fee


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Limited Time Special Offer

Normal Price: $564/Year
Today Only: $67 One Time Fee

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