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Targeted Traffic. 

How Do You Plan To Get Endless Streams of It?

First off, I want to say congratulations on your purchase of Viral Ecom Funnel.
That was a very wise move on your part. And I’m not pulling your chain.

See, you’ve just moved the needle in a very massive way towards your success. Heck, you’re pretty much halfway there.

But before you get access to Viral Ecom Funnel, I do want to give you the chance to get tons of traffic for all your viral Ecom Funnels around the clock while you sleep.

Interested? Well, you should be . . .

Presenting . . .

The Next Step In Viral Ecom Funnels

Now slow down a bit . . . I know what you’re thinking.

You’re probably thinking, “did I just get screwed by purchasing Viral Ecom Funnel? ”
The answer is no. Not by a long shot.

Viral Ecom Funnel  is everything I’ve promised it is and then some.

You won’t be disappointed.
But when you think about the next logical step of your ecom journey, you’re going to need traffic right?

That’s why I put this together for you. So instead of trying to figure out how to generate your own traffic, I want you to hit the ground running with a ton of sales immediately!

This Will Solve The #1 Problem You’ll Have Generating Sales With Ecom.

Not To Mention Help You Avoid Huge Financial Failures.

Now you have your brand new Ecom business and you’re ready to go right? Sure.

But if you plan on sending traffic straight to the offer, you might wind up finding yourself frustrated.

Not that it couldn’t work and in some cases people do make that work, but there’s a better way.

A way that’s been working since the beginning of time.

And that’s telling a story.

See, having a story warms up the prospect. It gets past all the defenses and helps put them in the shoes of the person who wrote the story.

And that’s exactly what you need to get massive results with your new Ecom business.

So How Do You Tap Into The Power Of 'Stories' To Sell More Of Your Ecom Products

Simple. You use a viral story.
You’ve seen them around. They look like this:
You probably won’t believe this, but these work LIKE GANGBUSTERS.

But If You Tried To Create These On Your Own, You Would Need To Invest $500 Per Story and $300 Per Viral Ad.

And That’s Just For ONE Story and ONE Viral Ad.


​Here’s Everything That Comes Included With Your Viral Ecom Hack Purchase Today:

  • 30 Instant Ready To Use Viral Stories

    These stories are designed to grab attention and draw the reader in like a moth to the flame. Every single one of these stories were written by a professional copywriter and storyteller with NLP (neuro linguistic programming) skills.

    These stories are so powerful that by the end of them, your traffic will be reaching for their credit cards!
  • 30 Proven Attention Getting Viral Ads
    These ads are also powerful and designed to get the click. Now I don’t want you to think for a single moment that it’s about the quantity of clicks. It’s not. It’s about the quality of the click. And these ads are designed to get you quality clicks that will purchase from your Ecom funnels.

    Just copy and paste these ads (the training will show you how) and you’ll be ready to start making sales in no time!
  • ‘Done For You’ Blog Setup And Pre-loaded With The 30 Stories.

    You won’t really have to figure anything out. The blog included in this upgrade comes ready with all the stories formatted correctly so they can be viewed on any device.

    Each one of these stories coincide with your brand new Ecom funnels and gives you one place to send all your traffic easily!

It’s Like Lighting 10 Tons of RocketFuel With 1,000lbs of Dynamite!

As I’m sure you’ve already seen, Viral Ecom Funnel is incredibly powerful. But when you add The Viral Ecom Hack to your purchase today, it’s like taking your Ecom business into an entirely different stratosphere!

By tapping into the power of stories along with targeted ads, your market won’t be able to resist your new Ecom business.

And that my friend is where you’ll start seeing tons of profit!

Upgrading Today Is A No Brainer.
It Just Make Sense and Is The Next Logical Step.

Now you’re probably like, “sheesh...another upgrade?”

I get it. I truly do.

And while everyone and their mama can seem to try and sell you everything and the kitchen sink just for a quick money grab, I want you to know that this is different.

Think of it this way:

Let’s say you were going camping and you bought a tent from me. You tell me where you’re headed and I send you on your way.

But what if I knew that the terrain was slippery and you could slide down the mountain to your death?

And then what if you found out I had some never slip terrain boots and gear for sale in my shop?

Wouldn’t you want me to let you know about those options?

Of course you would.

And much in the same way, I want to let you know about the ‘terrain’ of the Ecom platform.

Sure, you have enough ‘shelter’ to get you on your way, but by upgrading today you’ll be able to navigate the Ecom ‘terrain’ a lot better and avoid the slopes that lead to ‘financial death’.

If you get my metaphor.

The Guarantee Still Stands

Hey, just like before I’ll still honor the money back guarantee with this upgrade. There’s no gimmies or gotchas included.

Just use the items inside The Ecom Viral Hack and if it doesn’t work for you, you can contact me for a prompt refund 14 days from purchase.

No harm, no foul.

Limited Time Special Offer

Normal Price: $564/Year
Today Only: $67 One Time Fee


One Click Is All It Takes To Unlock All The Traffic You’ll Ever Need For Your Ecom Business!

Friend, you’re literally only one click away from hitting the ground running with your Ecom business.

Just think about it.

You have the done for you Ecom component you need to start selling right? So the only thing you need to add is traffic and getting access to The Ecom Viral Hack helps you do that easily.

Trust me, trying to get traffic organically can be a pain in the butt.

But I’m handing you the copy and paste system that you can use to start generating sales immediately.

That’s why I want you to get access today. I want you to experience the same feeling of success I have. Getting this in your hands puts you closer to doing just that.

So go ahead and click below to add this to your order now and I’ll get this unlocked in your member’s area immediately.

Limited Time Special Offer

Normal Price: $564/Year
Today Only: $67 One Time Fee

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