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Just imagine, days from now, you can be running a successful Ecom business.
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here Are 3 Reasons Most Ecom Marketers Struggle
(Avoid These Like The Plague Or You Will FAIL)

Lesson #1:  Don't Build Stores 
Stores Don't  Convert

Forget Shopify and their expensive fees,

forget Amazon and every other store builder you know.

I Build Ecom Funnels
Instead of eCom stores

Yes, no stores…
The truth is that stores don’t convert.

It’s really not so hard to see why eCom funnels convert better than stores. With single product funnels, there’s only 1 focus: TO SELL THAT PRODUCT!

 Now check this out!
Which do you think will convert better?

The Store on the left or the Funnel on the right?

It’s The Funnel Ofcourse...
Instead of building a store with hundreds of products, just setup ecom funnels... each funnel selling JUST ONE PRODUCT with upsells. 

You are just 1 funnel away from 7 figure.
To further guarantee your 7 figures in a few months, you should setup multiple funnels. In our business, we have 30 Ecom funnels.

But the problem is:

Setting Up An Ecom Funnel 
Is Not A Stroll In The Park

Setting up 1  Funnel is not a stroll is a stroll in the park.

Getting 30 of them up and running could take months if you do it yourself and thousands of dollars if you outsource it…

and by the time you are finished, you may be completely over your business… and you will still only have a chance of getting it right.

Imagine if you could get everything
done for you without lifting a finger. 

We Will Setup 30 Ecom
 Funnels For You

Each Funnel Comes With Copy & Design For The Main

Product, 2 Upsells & Thank You Pages… All Done For You

Here is an example of what you are getting

Not 1, not, 2, not 10, but 30 Ecom funnels.

The same Ecom funnels that has done multiple 7 figures combined.

Let me show you what it will cost if you were to outsource it.

Total for 1 Funnel = $2,000

Total for all 30 Funnels = $45,000

That's $45,000 budget and a very conservative budget. To do it yourself will take
you months to get 30 ready… Also, Copywriting for Ecom is definitely not a stroll in
the park and not something that can be learned overnight.

BUT with us, you have nothing to worry about anything, as our team of expert copywriters
and designers will do everything for you. We will even upload and configure everything for you

Lesson #2:  Don’t Send Ads
Directly To Your Ecom store/funnel

Yo! Thanks to us

You will have your very own ‘ready to profit’  Ecom business loaded with 30 Funnels.

The next thing you need now is TRAFFIC. The #1 mistake most struggling ecompreneurs make is to send facebook ads directly to their ecom offers.


This will only give you a lot of traffic with little or no sales

Others get their hands dirty with different facebook ads hacks and end up having their ad accounts suspended.

The Solution Is...

Use A Viral story As A Bridge...
That way you get to ‘WARMED UP’ your visitors

A viral story will create advance demand for your product.​​​​ The frame of mind that people are in before they visit your sales page plays a HUGE difference in your conversion rates.

Even if you target the right people, there is a “traffic temperature”. A viral story will turn cold visitors to warm visitors ready to buy.

It will reduce the number of visitors that will land on your sales page, but at the end of the day, it will 3X your total number of buyers from the same traffic.


Its called Preframing and it WORKS

The problem, however, is writing these stories with innuendos takes a Pro copywriter who understands how to infuse irresistible influence and persuasion into copies with stories. Its NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and copywriters of this grade are expensive.

Imagine if you could get VIRAL STORIES written for you for each funnel.

As part of this offer and for a very limited time, my team is offering to do that for you

Get 30 DFY Viral Stories + Ads
1 Story For Each Ecom Funnel

Written by Pro Copywriters with NPL Skills.

To do this on your own, be ready to cough out at least

$500 per story and $300 Per Viral Story.

BUT with us, you have nothing to worry about , as our team

of expert copywriters will do all the HARD WORK FOR YOU.

We will create a blog for you and load the blog with 30 stories

​...Each story linked to your 1 ecom funnels.

This Is The Ultimate AD Formula

Viral ADs ==> [Viral Story] ==> Ecom Funnel

This is our Ultimate Formula:
Ecom Funnels + Viral Ads & Stories = $$$

Ecom Funnels

Viral Ads & Stories

Money $$$

With this system, you can go from zero to hero by walking away
with up to $30,000 or more next month!

We take care of everything for you.
We setup the system loaded with 30 ecom funnels and 30 viral stories (blog)
and put it online for you (FREE DOMAIN + HOSTING), we configure everything and give you
30 viral ads. All you have to do is COPY and PASTE.

Also remember, even after we hand over your shiny new ecom business,
we don’t just leave you to it!

We add you to our training and coaching program, with eBooks, videos and
even live Q and A sessions, where you will learn everything, from how to manage
it effectively, to maximizing your profits.

GET Everything You Need to Make $100k 

Per Month In Viral eCom Without Stores

 EVERYTHING Done For You By Our Team

No Guesswork! No Learning Curve… Just Clone It

You Are Getting A Complete DONE-For-You 6-Figure Ecom Business Setup

By A Team With PROVEN Expertise & Customer SUCCESS... Funnel Copies, 
Upsells, Viral Stories, Viral Ads... Everything Done For YOU! 

From A-Z,

30 high converting sales copies. 1 for each funnel product

30 professionally designed sales pages for each funnel product (30 pages)

2 Matching upsell selection (2 for each funnel - 30 Upsells)

Done for you salescopies and sales page designs for each upsell (60 upsells)

30 Viral stories (1 story for each funnel) + a DFY Blog within your website to host all your Viral stories

We give you 30 facebook ads (1 Ad for each funnel)... All you have to do is COPY n PASTE.

We setup everything, connect the upsells, payment integration, blog for the viral stories and upload everything to your server.

1 Year Free Domain Registration & 1 Year Premium Web Hosting

We link you up with the RIGHT supplier for each of the products so you don't get your fingers burnt.

We help calculate your pricing and markups so you maximize your profit and still be competitive.

We hand over to you a set of 100+ high converting ecom money email templates to BOOST your sales.

 Priority Support & Training Materials

VIP ACCESS to Ifiok Nk and his team

You will also get the following BONUSES if you Invest NOW:

1 Year Access To Uduala Funnel Club:
Get 1 New Ecom Funnel Every Month Done For You  - Worth $497

 Access To ClickFOMO App - Worth $247
Leverage the power of FOMO and social proof for your ecom funnels

 Access To AI Video ROBOT - Worth $497
Turn any product page url into a top-converting video

FB MESSENGER BOT for your funnels - Worth $997
Complete Facebook Marketing Suite for your ecom funnel

There Is Only 3-5 Days Standing Between You And Your Very Own Viral Ecom Funnel Business, Ready To Hit The Ground Running And Make You 6 Figures/Month

No Upsells, No Downsells, No Gimmicks 

Just a ONE TIME Payment Of $997

DFY Viral Ecom Funnels - Offer

Includes 30 Day Money Back Guarantee




Get Your money back if we don't deliver

This is a service that requires hours of work. We will work with you to deliver your ecom funnel portal. If we don't deliver your viral ecom system with 30 funnels and everything else as promised on this page, you can a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. 

If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll  help you out until you get the results you need. We will reveiw your ecom business till you succeed.

30-days from now you can be nothing more than a month older,
or you can be on your way to ecom success. You decide.


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How Does It Work?

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